The 6 petal rose is found at the center of the holy labyrinth. Each petal represents one section of the Pater Noster. For those of you who do not know what the Pater Noster is; it is the Lord’s Prayer as given by Jesus Christ (Easa is the childhood name that was continued to be used by his beloved and lawful wife, Mary Magdalene). It is a meditative form of the prayer and each pedal has a name: Petal 1 — Faith, Petal 2 — Surrender, Petal 3 — Service, Petal 4 — Abundance, Petal 5 — Forgiveness, Petal 6 — Overcoming Obstacles. The key is that you must master petal 1 before going on to petal 2 and so forth. In other words you cannot skip to petal for and ask for abundance, it will not work. This is the path to The Light and the retreat of the dark. The end result is you end up asking for nurturing from the Divine Feminine (Mary) and ask to be provided from the Divine Masculine (Easa). Throughout history in the beginning there was Yahweh (God) which was the marriage of El (the provider) and Asa-rah (the nurturer). As I have gone through the petals I find that I spend more time in each one. As a result I am visited by Easa and Mary in both sleeping dreams and waking dreams. These dreams are quite vivid and in living color. I encourage everyone to comment on the postings; so we can have a discussion of the importance of coming of The Light.

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